Now Is Time To Sell

The Borders are Opening. A Massive Influx of Buyers are Coming. Are you Prepared?

Queensland is opening and everyone’s heard. In anticipation, Sydney, Melbourne, and international buyers are snapping up copious amounts of property across the Gold Coast.

With the State open, the upward migration of these buyers is expected to increase exponentially, with Gold Coast properties poised to sell quicker than ever before.

Days on market will decrease, Auction clearance rates will increase, and interest in property will be at an all-time high. But what does this mean as a homeowner?

Now is Time to Sell.

We’re seeing it now and we’ll see it again. Houses across the Gold Coast are fetching high, record-breaking prices, with vendors making incredible returns and achieving premium prices.

With more than 35 Prestige Agents and four offices across the Gold Coast, Amir Prestige reach buyers before other Agencies can.

Presently, our Agency is experiencing a clearance rate above 85% at Auctions, with more unconditional buyers on the Gold Coast that has been seen in a long while. It seems that every week we are establishing record prices for streets, neighbourhoods, and suburbs.

While Sydney and Melbourne buyers continue to monopolise the market, local buyers are beginning to claw their way back. Selling into a local market has given local buyers access to excess funds, allowing them to compete successfully against cashed-up interstate and international buyers.

The popularity of Queensland has risen considerably due to investors taking advantage of lucrative investment opportunities and forecasted growth potential.

All projections and research indicate that more than 60% of investors ranked Queensland as the most fortuitous state to invest in, with increasingly strong predictions that prices will continue to rise with the reopening of the borders and the upcoming 2032 Olympic Games.

As Spring ends and Summer progressively nears, the heat in the property market is intensifying. In fact, its reaching boiling point, with property enquiries, offers and numbers at open homes obliterating expectations.

This weekend we have two stellar Auction opportunities for those developers looking for phenomenal growth potential:

196 & 198 High Street, Southport – Saturday 30th October 10:00 AM.

22 Mallard Avenue, Paradise Point – Saturday 30th October 1:00 PM.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, reach out to our team of property specialists today for a relaxed discussion about your opportunities in the property market. From the team at Amir Prestige, we wish you a wonderful weekend.

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