Resistance is Futile.

Building upon an already successful financial year, Amir Prestige continue to dominate the entry, middle and prestige sectors of the Gold Coast real estate market, with an excess of $87 in property sales throughout August alone. With numerous records being set in recent times, the strength of the Spring property market is indisputably strong. Step into any any café, barbershop or Uber and you’ll at some point, invariably, become a part of a conversation regarding real estate. In other words: it’s the talk of the town.

These consistent sales exhibit the lucrative opportunities that buyers and sellers can exploit to make significant ROI’s and profit, considerably. Enquiries from Sydney and Melbourne buyers amid the COVID outbreaks is continuing to stimulate the appetite for property on the Gold Coast, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Even with the increasingly contagious Delta Variant of COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout Australia, CoreLogic data indicates lockdowns have not slowed the property market whatsoever.

Throughout the most recent financial year, there was an excess of 582,000 transactions in Australia; the highest annual sales volume that has been witnessed since 2004, even despite these continual lockdowns. Therefore, there is truly no better time to buy, sell or invest, with all property data showcasing an upward trend that indicates nothing but incessant growth. Resistance is well and truly futile in this market, join while you can and reap the benefits.

With over 80% of potential buyers initiating their property journeys through online mediums such as social media and real‑estate landing pages, the ‘traditional open home’ is taking a step back for contemporary digital outlets. This is the reason why we have in-house graphic-designers, digital marketers, photographers, state-of-the-art printing equipment, and videographers giving your property the respect and brand exposure it deserves.

At Amir Prestige, whatever we do, we give our best, and every day we push to be even better. It’s the driving mentality that forms the foundation of our bespoke Agency. It’s also the reason we’re able to attain expeditious sales, record-breaking transactions, and make history on the Gold Coast with incredible successes. This weekend we are proud to showcase ’85 Seagull Avenue, Mermaid Beach’ for Auction On-Site on Sunday at 11am, as well as ’16 The Lido, Isle of Capri’ on Saturday at 11am.

From the team At Amir Prestige, we hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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