Why The Gold Coast?


Truly, a sanctuary that is much more than just a destination for those transient sojourns. Imagine kilometers of seemingly endless sandy beaches, transitioning seamlessly into a sprawling landscape of luminous skyscrapers, where opportunities are truly endless. You see, it’s one of the most unique cities in Australia, but most importantly – an exceptional city to buy and invest in property.

Once a tranquil seaside town, the Gold Coast has exhibited significant growth in the past decade, with it becoming one of the fastest growing regions in Australia – especially as it pertains to the property market. The latest research from CoreLogic indicates property sales have significantly increased over the past three months, with a considerable leap in Gold Coast property prices by a sizeable 22 percent between July 2020 and 2021. If that’s not a certain enough indication of the strength of the market, CoreLogic’s annual real estate report emphatically exhibits more and more suburbs on the Gold Coast are reaching the million-dollar-mark, as it pertains to median house values. However, this should come as no surprise – the Gold Coast is the sixth-largest metropolis in the country, consisting of 5000 sheer square kilometers, and being voted numerous times as one of the most desirable places to live when ranked on a social, political, environmental, and economic level.

Decades ago, when Australia’s most distinguished demographer Bernard Salt released the landmark ‘Beyond the Horizon’ study, which delved into the 50-year future of the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate, was unequivocal about his own vision for the region: “economic and cultural expansion is inevitable”. In his own words “the study confirmed things we already assumed – that the Gold Coast must evolve beyond its lifestyle, leisure and retirement base. It needs to be taken seriously and I believe it will shake the minds of future investors,” he said. Truly, this makes the Gold Coast any property owner’s dream, given that the city will relentlessly have buyers looking to acquire property – even despite consistent lockdowns. A temperate sub-tropical climate and an average of 280 days of sunlight every year doesn’t damage its reputation either, making the Gold Coast one of the fastest growing and desirable places to live in Australia.

With golden beaches, a sprawling metropolis encompassing five-star hotels, multi-level shopping centres, luxury dwellings, and exceptional lifestyle precincts for all things recreational, the Gold Coast is truly in a league of its own. In fact, exploring the area is seamless with superb transportation links due to both the G-Link and the Brisbane Airport Airtrain, connecting the Gold Coast as one. With a thriving economy, profitable local businesses, and multiple commercial and industrial precincts, there is abundant work available for everyone.

At the end of the day, the Gold Coast property market can only be described as an investor’s paradise – with exceptional and undeniably lucrative outcomes generated by data and property forecasts. With new residential sites, apartments and developments being erected and approved every week, there’s certainly innumerable opportunities for the potential buyer or investor around every corner. Surrounded by wide-open spaces, water as far as the eye can see, and fresh coastal air – the Gold Coast delivers a serene tranquility that most cities fail to deliver. With more and more Sydney and Melbourne buyers relocating to this coastal metropolis due to seemingly incessant lockdowns demarcating these regions, there’s certainly no better time to be buying or selling – especially if you need to ensure a significant return-on-investment or discover your dream home.

Being one of the most sought after and illustrious coastal cities in Australia, the Gold Coast will continue to witness constant growth well into the future. With considerable additions to local infrastructure and massive residential expansion along the way, the Gold Coast has become one of the most livable cities in the country. With a multitude of enticing reasons to live here, it’s simple to see why the Gold Coast property market is in a state of frenzy. If you’re thinking of exploiting this market, contact us today for a relaxed discussion about the remarkable opportunities you have on the Gold Coast.


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